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me-1About Jennifer

When you ask me what is the most important picture for me I will tell you it is the picture of my prom night. It shows Conrad and me in the center, my father with my stepmother, my mother with my stepfather and Conrad’s parents all on one picture. It means the world to me though it was taken during the celebration with a cheap camera.

Photography has the ability to capture a moment, a moment of laughter and joy, a moment full of emotions and moments of love. Moments will turn into memories and memories will turn into history and that is what I preserve with my images.

I photograph weddings to capture the atmosphere of the wedding day, the love between the bride and groom and the joy of being together with their families and friends. Knowing one of my wedding pictures could ever become what my prom picture means to me, makes me love wedding photography even more and makes me photograph every wedding with enthusiasm and passion. That is why I do what I do.


About Jennifer & Conrad

It was pouring rain outside and we both were on our way to a community event. A phone box was our only saver. Standing in there for the rain to stop we started talking and laughing about the bizarre situation and we fell in love. That is now 11 years ago and we still know the name of the wine we shared in the phone box as we recognized we will never be on time for the event.

Those are the small memories we preserve for ourselves to not forget a single detail about that night. It is how our love story started and we truly believe that every love story has a magical beginning. The small things we never forget, that make us remember the smell that evening and the music that was played.

Like I will never forget how he stood in front of my parents house the next week and just said “I just cannot forget you” and my heart just made a little jump. You will never forget the moment he looks at you and says “I do”.

We photograph weddings to preserve the atmosphere around you, that moment that might be forgotten and that detail that kept you busy for over a year. Like the song of your first dance that you thought carefully about we want to be part of your day and just fit perfectly into it to capture everything that might turn into history for you and your children.